Dear Discovery Channel and Animal Planet: Why have you taken to lying to us?

Ok.  So this evening I found myself watching “Mermaids: the body found”… I didn’t mean to, and I wasn’t even drunk, but I was sitting around alone, bored, under the weather, and too despondent to be productive to do otherwise.  And there you go….

The “documentary” recounts “scientists” doing scientific “things” and retelling their “experiences” in their “scientific shit” and how the government confiscated all their data and “evidence” that mermaids exist.  The first (just imagine a lot of the following words with quotations around them) clue in the discovery of an undiscovered humanoid species was deep ocean wails and bloops that were concluded to not be dolphins but communicating with dolphins.  These audio recordings (apparently) were only taken once and to take that as evidence, without any replication, of interspecies communication is fucking codswollop.  Secondly there have been sightings thru out history.  Well, that fucking settles that then.  Yes, there were cave paintings (in most likely non existant, off the map locations), mideaval accounts (the age of bloody enlightment obviously), and sailor confessions in the early 19th century (drunks).   But hey, who am I to question “what people say”?   The third little light on the subject is the discovery of unknown remains in a shark and chomped up bones were puzzle pieced together to discover, a hand.  But not a human hand.  Obviously.  Oh! And there were inconclusive DNA evidence. 

Now the piece de resistance is that strange human like bodies have been washed up with mass cetacean strandings but the government tends to sweep in before the scientists/pathologists show up to remove these bodies.  Cus it’s a conspiracy, duh.  And lastly, there is a video.  This was shown.  With a straight fucking face.  Enjoy. 

Really??? REALLY?!! Really Discovery Channel?? Really Animal Planet?? And why when I actually looked up the scientists involved the internet directed me to their acting profiles? Both of these channels are “supposed” to be at the forefront of knowledge and not fucking alien conspiracies and back wood hillbilly jobs!! And now, they are just allowing “documentaries” to be aired that are complete, utter, fucking lies. As a paranoid skeptic, I don’t believe most of what I see on TV, or hear, or read, but there are people out there, that this shit has been directed too, who do NOT know that this is fake.  There are people, on forums, who believe it to be real.  They are yelling at strangers on the internet with their abbrivated butchered spelling about how it must be true if it is on DisCov or AnPlan.  Shame on you channels for your hogswash. 

 Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for mermaids existing, and a part of me wishes it was true.   However, scientists have enough trouble searching for the truth and beauty of the universe with the media, religious fanatics, delusional hippies, the government, and funding enough as it is without an institution, that claims to be on the side of science, making shit up.



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