“Darkened Cities”

The whole business with the universe is almost ridiculous. This also includes the concept of life, being alive, and being full of squishy goo that came together just right to make singing, dancing, loving, eating, fucking, fighting, sleeping, thinking, things. But not only is it peculiar it be one of these singing, dancing, silly alive things, it is comical to know that it is happening on a ball of volatile rock that is careening thru bloody space and time at joke speed. Meanwhile, many of these alive things are too busy having “first world problems” (if that phrase had a face I would probably smack it) to notice that no one is actually driving this thing.

The following link have been blogged before but I heart this so hard I had to have it on my own wall. The photo series are Darkened Cities by Thierry Cohen and they speak for themselves.


Apparently, these photos were taken of cities at night and light polluting things were digitally removed. The photos were then combined with the night sky taken at the same latitude in an area devoid of light pollution. The effects are of a haunting beauty that almost leaves me in a state of longing melancholy because this is a sight most of us live without. And we have taken for granted the veil we have put up ourselves.


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