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Do you know how bloody hard it is to come up with a blog username?!  Whatever clever spark in your folded brain you thought you had that made you special has been thought up by someone else on the internet.  So you start typing in any old shit, even in languages other than your own, relinquishing all trust to the google translate gods, to find something, fucking anything, that makes you fucking unique.  And that whole palova turns you against your will into a billy goat against the troll guarding the bridge of the web.   But fuck what the internet thinks. 

Welcome to my blog. There will be swearing.  Beautiful, exciting, musical swearing.  And Hate. And Love.  And things of upmost importance and complete drival.

I have a Zoology bachelors that I am very proud of.  It was a long hard road to prove my adoration of all things alive on paper and now the only thing that matters is making a living loving life.   I am a wife of science.  But I am also a concubine of magic and commit wanton acts of art.  I am not very good at any of these, but I am not stopping.

Today, as a scientist, I was wondering about the evolution of kissing.   I am committing a crime by not looking this up for myself, but thought I would send out my virginal (ha!) thoughts on the subject matter….. So, where did kissing come from? Why are we driven to it when we are overcome with light, love, lust, affection, etc?  Hugging, sure, I suppose as endothermic organisms, huddling up was selected evolutionary to keep warm, supply the comfort of protection, and maintain “social bonds”, thus became a pleasurable/necessary experience.  But kissing?  Why are we driven to do it?  Where did it come from? Why did it stick around?  Maybe it comes from animals taking care of each other.  But we don’t lick each other (platonically anyway) anymore (maybe we should more often!).  Maybe kissing is a Freudian oral fixation thingamajig.  Maybe that is where it comes from when it comes to humans.  But it doesn’t stop there.  When I see a cute animal I am so compelled to kiss the ever living fuck out of it, it fucking hurts to not.   Why?!

And that is about it on that subject.  

Kissing.  Don’t go changing.  But what the fuck?

1:23 GMT (21.12.12 – “the end of the world”)  


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